You go: by

Life goes on today, as guys unearth the sewer. Slowly, we drive by. -mjh

You go: Emerging

…everywhere we look our new life is emerging up from fallow ground… mjh

You go: Blizzard

You know what’s normal? The Dairy Queen, that’s normal. I’ll have a Blizzard. -mjh #YouGo ©️

You go: Grazing

Yea, though I count sheets, instead of sheep who safely graze in the valley… We fear no evil, for You are with us always. We will have enough. -mjh

You go: Sea

Rising tides fill pond. Always, water is flowing. Ebbing tides empty. Always, water is flowing into and out of the sea. -mjh

You go: Calm

At this early hour, a hushed calm precedes the waves. Beloveds are home. mjh