🌿Wave your Palms 👋

In this time of the Pandemic, we have our good days and our bad days. Our minds, bodies, and souls are navigating a surreal amount of societal and personal challenges each and every day. It’s important and healthy to name our joys and gratitude, but it is also important that we name our down days…


Hi dear ones, It took awhile to get it up and running, but @StCs now has the capability to do studio-quality audio podcasts from my home with Guy Scott doing music, sound-mixing, and posting onto our website from his top-of-the-line sound studio. Guy is our long-time volunteer professional musician at St. C’s , he runs…

You go: Blossom

Every day we grow. Almost imperceptibly, we transform…blossom. -mjh With profound thanks to Bob and Gloria Walter for this gift of an amaryllis on its third blooming cycle with a fourth emerging…

You go: by

Life goes on today, as guys unearth the sewer. Slowly, we drive by. -mjh

You go: Emerging

…everywhere we look our new life is emerging up from fallow ground… mjh

You go: Blizzard

You know what’s normal? The Dairy Queen, that’s normal. I’ll have a Blizzard. -mjh #YouGo ©️mariahoecker.com

You go: Grazing

Yea, though I count sheets, instead of sheep who safely graze in the valley… We fear no evil, for You are with us always. We will have enough. -mjh

You go: Sea

Rising tides fill pond. Always, water is flowing. Ebbing tides empty. Always, water is flowing into and out of the sea. -mjh