You go: Camping

Always on the move,our journey is everything.We are campers here. In all things, she says,this too shall pass. Everything,our joys and sorrows. We are passing throughthe wilderness of this life.Aye, we move toward Light. mjh

Let go: Call

The crows and the crones know when to sound the alarm. Take heed of their call. mjh

You go: Knowing

What do the crows know?They see the fox is coming.They let me know too. mjh

You go: Measure

To distill our words into their essence, we must measure what we say. mjh

You go: Reflection

Moonlit nights in Maine,luminous in lunar light. All is reflection. mjh

You go: Shimmer

Morning’s silver hour, dazzling sun shimmers on ice. All storms melt away. mjh