You go: Beckon

Sit and rest awhile, make time to be together. Emptiness beckons. mjh

You go: Sunday

It’s a perfect night, reflecting on our Sunday. Ice cream tops it off. mjh

You go: Break

Spring follows the break Winter brings stark clarity the Sun keeps shining mjh

You go: Up high

In the western sky, a jet trail points toward sunset. Up high, it’s not set. mjh

You go: we Grow

One hundred years old this tree with the woven bark pulls us together O Katsura! You stand tall in every season we grow mjh #YouGo ©️

You go: Windswept

Tears pour down like rain as the bereaved walk uphill. Windswept, Love lives on. mjh

You go. Alleluia

We go to the depths, yet our song lifts up to You. Aye, Alleluia. O where is your victory? Where, O death, where is your sting?” mjh