You go: Preserve

Fresh water preserved, kept holy on sacred ground, welcomes all creatures. mjh

You go: Sometimes

Sometimes we wonder in life, do we grow up or are we falling down? mjh

You go: Point

All icicles point toward their own destiny.Frozen is fleeting. mjh

You go: Warming

On the coldest day, one can find a sunny spot and warm their own nose. mjh

You go: Pray

Contemplative prayer:: best practiced every day with dear companions. mjh

You go: on Living

Love flows in all ways, in all places, in all times. Love lives on, always. mjh

You go: Camping

Always on the move,our journey is everything.We are campers here. In all things, she says,this too shall pass. Everything,our joys and sorrows. We are passing throughthe wilderness of this life.Aye, we move toward Light. mjh