Hi dear ones,
It took awhile to get it up and running, but @StCs now has the capability to do studio-quality audio podcasts from my home with Guy Scott doing music, sound-mixing, and posting onto our website from his top-of-the-line sound studio. Guy is our long-time volunteer professional musician at St. C’s , he runs a successful web design company. His wife, Cherie, has an awesome foodie podcast, Mumbai to Maine.

Yea! So we’ve posted our first Sunday Celtic Evening Prayer podcast and will continue to do on Saturdays with a PDF of the bulletin. Each podcast will run around 30 minutes. I’ve also recorded a 5 minute intro that is at the top of the archives on our St.C webpage. It’s all also available on Buzzsprout


Here’s the StC webpage link. I’m working on social media pushes today. Our podcasts will also be up in a few days on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple, etc….

Celtic Evening Prayer Podcast

For now, we’ll learn the ropes with a weekly posting of Sunday Celtic Evening Prayer @StCs. Folks can listen to it and pray along as many times as they wish, whenever they choose to do so. We may branch out into a second weekly @St.C’s podcast format that is more conversational, with music.

Subscribe to @St.C’s here:


It’s a lot of fun to create something new in the midst of these liminal times.

And so it goes with Life 😊
Sending much Love,

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