Advent: Songs for the Way of Love+

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Artwork by Diane Jones, Scribe


Advent: Songs for the Way of Love+

In December, we begin again with the holy season of Advent. This is a centering time of the year, a still point as the light changes and our hearts long for meaningful connections.

In our church family tradition ringing around the world, our prayers and our songs change with the seasons. During most of December, we go counter-cultural to all the busy-ness.

Now is the season to anticipate joy even in the midst of fear and bereavement. God is with us.

Here, we wait. We set apart time in this season with quieter intentions to contemplate the holy mysteries of God dwelling with us in our daily lives.

In the darkness of longer nights and shorter days, we also mourn the loss of loved ones. This is a season where the injustices of this world can seem overwhelming, even as we pray for peace.

Now is the time to clear hallowed space and time to just breathe together, just as we are, beloved children of God.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel.



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