Praise: Songs for the Way of Love+

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Praise: Songs for the Way of Love+ 

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Ordinarily when I create a SftWoL+ playlist, I spend days and weeks going through a long list of songs and musicians to pick a certain order of songs to flow together toward a theme.  It was my intention this week to create a 2 hour playlist of my favorite Gospel Rap and Holy Hip Hop songs… and I will still do that.  There is SO much good music in this genre…

… yet when I started listening to Snoop Dogg’s 2018 album, Bible of Love,  I immediately knew that his work stands alone. He has offered 32 tracks of honest proclamation, confession, and inspiration to help us all keep going along the Way of Love.  The long-time Gospel singers who join in on these tracks know God and know the love of Jesus inside and out.

Snoop gets his own space here to proclaim the Good News of God…. loving, liberating, life-giving. AMEN.

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