First Light: Lasting Light. 2.3.2019


I lingered this evening in the contemplative quietness of StC’s after our dear ones quietly departed from our candlelit evening prayers.

If one listens closely into thin places, the prayers of so many souls encircle our sacred spaces. I’m again reminded that it matters what we say, what we pray, and what we do. All of us join in this quiet chorus and if we are mindful, we leave God’s peace for those who follow in our wake.

Once I walked outside, I was delighted to see and hear that it is snowing this evening. Every snowfall carries its own song, depending on the wind, the air temperature, and the moisture content of the snow showers. Tonight the snow has a shimmering sound of sugared ice crystals being sifted onto every surface. I’m glad for this snow, we’ve had too much cold rain this winter.

I carefully followed the tracks of those who are just ahead of me on the road and found my way home. I’m resting in the peaceful wake of this winter night.

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  1. John Ineson says:

    Hold those thoughts!!! Beautiful.
    Lovely pictures of our church. There is a place like that in every heart just waiting to manifest God. To be able to see it out in the world helps us to recognize it.
    The hanging lights are spectacular — Trinities hovering.
    Our lives are intricate interweavings of the ephemeral and the eternal — things that pass and things that last. Guess which one this is??!!!

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