A National Day of Mourning and Lament

Today is a National Day of Mourning and Lament. Jerry Homer is tolling our church bell at St.C’s at 11:00 a.m. as we mourn and remember the rising numbers of all departed souls who have died of the coronavirus.

A message from Bishop Brown:

Through the weekend of May 29 through June 1, 2020, people of good will and many faiths have paused to mourn the 100,000 Americans who have died of the coronavirus. These prayers are linked below for use on social media, using the hashtags #Lament100k and #DayofMourning, in private prayer, and in religious services (permission is given).

Today, June 1, many individuals, faith communities, and civic groups will place empty chairs on sidewalks or in other public places with the names and photos of those who have died. On Friday, Muslims; on Saturday, Jews; on Sunday, Christians have offered prayers for the dead in their services.

Today at noon in each time zone, governors, mayors, and other government leaders invite all Americans to pause for times of silence to honor our dead.

For continuing prayers:


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